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MasterMind Group

A couple weeks ago I travelled to Boston and kicked off the most exciting project I have ever undertaken. I started a MasterMind group. I have been talking about doing this for some time and actually started marketing the idea almost a year ago.

It was while reading Napoleon Hill’s great book “Think And Grow Rich” about thirty years ago that I was first exposed to the mastermind concept. I will risk a gross over simplification by defining as follows; Whenever two or more people of like mind get together focused on a common issue, the value they create is greater than the sum of the individuals and that value increases exponentially as you add people.

I have thought for years that it would be exciting to get a group of business people together to form a Mastermind group to focus on building each of their businesses. This is not a unique idea of course. YPO has been incorporating something similar for the benefit of their membership and the North American Auto industry has had 20 Groups for years. I could hardly wait to be involved in such a group and having the opportunity to facilitate such a group really got my juices running.

The group we started in Boston has the added attraction of my having hand picked the members. As well as being successful business people already, each of the members of this group are people I have a personal relationship with. They all matter to me so this just makes the entire project even more appealing.

I am very pleased to report that the inaugural meeting surpassed even my expectations. Each of the members left the two day meeting inspired by what this group is going to mean to their business in the future. Our plan is to meet personally twice a year and have a conference call on the odd quarters and the overwhelming thought at the end of this meeting was that this schedule probably won’t be enough.

I know what an amazing difference this group is going to have both personally and professionally for each of the members. I can hardly wait for the next meeting.

I have had a fair amount of pressure from the Edmonton business community to start a Mastermind group here with members being from non-competing but different industries. I think I may just have to do that. After all; a guy can’t have too much fun in his life.

Oh by the way, you will notice that I have capitalized the second “M” in my MasterMind group. That’s just my way of adding my own personal touch to Napoleon Hill’s great idea.

Brilliance Is Only 10% Of The Solution

I was the Master of Ceremonies last week at a forum entitled “The Experienced Workers Forum: Attract, Retain and Engage Experienced Workers”. The forum was sponsored by two departments of the Alberta Government, Edmonton Economic Development and Manpower. They brought in two key note speakers and six expert panel members from various places throughout Canada. The presentations were very professionally delivered and the information was incredibly educational. I will share the high points of what I learned throughout future blog discussions. Today I want to share one of the points that impacted me the most.

One of the speakers stated that discovering a brilliant solution to any problem was only 10% of the actual solution. The other 90% of the challenge is in implementing the idea to achieve the desired result. This was a “WOW” moment for me! It really put the value of leadership into perspective. It said to me that in any situation being brilliant isn’t enough, it isn’t nearly enough. True value is only delivered when brilliance can be transformed into results.

In most organizations results are seldom achieved by any one individual. Therefore once a solution has been discovered, an action plan needs to be developed that will deliver the desired result. The plan will then need to be clearly communicated to all those who will be involved in the implementation and then the activities agreed upon will need to be supervised. All of these steps require leadership to be successful.

So remember the next time you come up with a brilliant solution to some monumental challenge in your life that your work is only 10% done. To achieve anything really meaningful you need to get into action.

I’m Back

Well it’s November 1, 2007 and many of you have noticed that I haven’t been writing my blog for about a month. Well I am very pleased to announce that I am back! I took some time to refocus and recharge. Writing a blog on a daily basis is harder than I thought it was going to be and after 70 daily blogs, I was tired and uninspired. I believe this blog has to be interesting and valuable if I expect you my loyal readers to continue to visit on a regular basis so when it started to become a chore I took a recess.

During the past month I have been collecting ideas and inspirations. I have met with some amazing business people and my mind has been a buzz with ideas. So, stay tuned! I will be posting every business day again and my next exciting topic….. the 90/10 rule will be posted tomorrow.

Wow, it’s great to be back!