A Great Google Analytics Webinar

I just attended a Webinar on Google Analytics presented by Mangold Sengers. Mangold Sengers is an Australian company some of my readers may recall I have referred to previously. They are a marketing and consulting company who are authorized Google Analytics consultants. Ben Mangold, their Creative Director, convinced me to use Analytics on my web site months ago and it has proven to be an extremely valuable tool.

Today’s webinar was a free introduction to Google Analytics. They provided some basic information on the product, how it works and why companies should use it to optimize their web sites. As I am already a “believer” it was interesting for me just a refresher and a reminder of some of the value I have received by applying this amazing product. I won’t go in to any details of either the product or this particular webinar as MangoldSengers really are the experts so if you want to know more about Analytics I strongly suggest you contact them directly through the link proved above.

What I did want to mention today was the value of the Webinar learning format. I have addressed this in an earlier discussion but again today I was very impressed by the quality of communication this medium provides. This webinar was attended by about 100 people from at least three countries on at least two continents. We were all able to view information the presenters wanted us to see while listening to the live presentation. They also conducted live surveys of the audience during the presentation and proved a question section that allowed participants to type in questions at any time during the presentation and all of the questions were then answered verbally by one of the presenters at the conclusion of the presentation.

Webinars are a great tool that I will use within my business and I suggest anyone who needs to communicate with groups of people considers making a part of your business operations.