A Recipe For Success

I received an email this morning from my good friend Jim Lett. Jim owns ABE Doors and Windows in Allentown PA. Jim wrote to say that he had been catching up on some of my blog discussions over the weekend and found three topics of particular interest. He referred to my discussions on Integrity, Wowing Your Customers and Taking Responsibility.

Jim stated “There is such a correlation between having integrity, taking responsibility and wowing your customers that it creates a recipe for success.” I hadn’t actually thought about the connection between these three topics but I think Jim is right. Any business that makes these three components an integral part of its culture will certainly be well on the way success.

Jim went on to say “It sounds simple but so many people don’t seem to get it.” I think that’s true of most of the keys to success. None of them are complicated. Perhaps that’s why so many people just don’t “get it”. Maybe they think the magic formula must be more complicated and miss the real secrets when they are right there in front of them.

Well Jim, one thing I know for sure is that you get it! Thanks for the comments.