Employee Retention Forum

I have spent this morning putting together a presentation for a forum I have been asked to speak at on employee retention. Building this presentation caused me to examine my beliefs on what causes good employee retention. I won’t go into my complete presentation here but I will hit the highlights.

I believe that retention is a by-product of your corporate culture it is never the result of tactical actions. Every organization has an employment brand. Your brand is what comes to mind when people inside and outside your organization think of working for your company. Is your company a place your team members brag about? Is it a place they are proud of? Do they have a feeling of ownership of what happens there? It’s not important what the ownership of a company thinks of it as a place to work, what matters is what the people who work there think.

To develop a positive employment culture you have to care about your people. Caring is not something you can’t talk about it needs to be demonstrated. You can’t fake caring; you either do or you don’t and your team members will know.

So my presentation tomorrow is going to be built around my three basic beliefs on employee retention:

Employment Brand
Corporate Culture