Positive Expectations

Ok. It’s Monday and we are headed into another business week. For some this thought will weigh heavy while for others it will be exciting. Of course you all know by know that my belief is that these expectations will indeed shape the results each of us experience.

So if we have the choice, let’s choose positive. Let’s all choose to have a great week. What ever you have in front of you view it through a positive filter. Let’s all expect this to be a great week. For this expectation to be transformed into results it needs to become a conscious thought that permeates your week. You need to think about it as often as you can. This can’t be left to chance so you must plan to think about your week at regular times. Start first thing every morning or by taking a few moments when you first walk into your office and again right after lunch. Plan these times to stop every day to think about your expectations. Staying positive requires effort but I promise it will pay big dividends. I will remind you of this periodically throughout the week. I will be interested in hearing the feedback at the end of the week as to how this has worked for each of my readers.

Last week was amazing for me and I can hardly wait to see what unfolds this week. I know it is going to be great.