The Secret To Life Is Showing Up

This has been an amazing week! As I mentioned in an earlier blog I spent two days this week working with two great guys, focused on the future of their business. These are great minds and the dialogue was incredibly stimulating. I came out of the first session exhausted but highly motivated and by the end of day two I was absolutely flying. I was appointed to two boards this week and I hadn’t pursued either of them. Indeed I wasn’t even aware of one of them until I was invited to serve. I got an email yesterday from an association asking if I was available to do some work for them and I have never heard of either them or the contact that sent the email. I have no idea how they got my name. I just hung up the phone from a call from a contact I met a couple months ago when I was referred to him as a speaker for a forum he was sponsoring. He was calling to tell me he had referred me to a contact at the Conference Board of Canada because they are now putting on a new forum in Edmonton and he suggested I be put on the panel and they have agreed and will be contacting me. Aside from all this I made great progress this week with two regular clients I have been working with and they are both extremely happy with the results.

It has indeed been a very good week. Frankly my feet are about a meter (just over three feet for my older and American readers) off the ground and rising. I FEEL GREAT! The amazing thing is that I didn’t set out to achieve any of this. It all found me. All I do is just show up in life and the most amazing things just keep happening. So the age old adage is true “The secret to life is showing up”!

Have a great week end, I know I will.