An Invitation

I am really enjoying writing these daily commentaries and the response has been tremendous. Thank you to everyone who has given me feedback on the site. There are now hundreds of people reading the blogs every day.

I hope you are finding the topics both interesting and helpful. Today’s invitation is all about getting even more benefit from this site. What is the burning issue in your business today? What decisions are you facing that you could use some help with? Is there a particular topic you would like to see my thoughts on? Just enter a quick comment about any of these in the comments section of today’s or any other blog and I will be happy to offer my thoughts on what ever topics are requested. We have even added a tab to walk you through how to leave comments for those unfamiliar with how this all works. You may also get feedback from other readers who have experienced your particular issue themselves.

So, come on, click that comment tab and let me know what’s on your mind today!