Are You The Best That You Can Be?

Are you the best that you can be? Do you regularly step back from your business to evaluate how you are performing as a leader and how your business’s performance measures up over all?

We all slip into a comfort mode from time to time. This is just what happens unless we consciously choose otherwise. That’s what makes being the best we can be a constant challenge. We don’t have to do anything to slip into complacency, it is there waiting for us. But we have to make a conscious choice to perform at a high level and we need to make that choice over and over again.

I recommend having a regularly scheduled performance review just like you would for any other team member. Schedule a time to objectively review your company’s over all performance and be careful to measure yourself against what is possible rather than a historic pattern.

Great companies and great leaders don’t happen by accident. They happen because there is a plan to make them that way.