Be Involved In Your Community

There are so many great reasons to be actively involved in the community you do business in, I don’t know where to start. These communities provide us with everything we have and they deserve our involvement and support. The amazing thing is that as we are paying our dues by being involved, this same involvement will enhance the benefits the community gives us in return.

The benefits of being active in business associations are obvious and I recommend belonging to all of them. Get involved with the Chamber of Commerce, your local trade associations, and a networking group. Be active in whatever charitable causes hold a special interest for you and of course if church is an important part of your life be active there also. If you have children at home there is also the opportunity and responsibility to be involved in their activities whether they center around school, sports or other activities.

I sometimes hear that with their busy work lives people don’t have time for all these other activities. This is such false logic. If all you focus on are the activities within the walls of your workplace, then your business will suffer for your lack of judgment. Being involved in other activities is the healthiest choice for you and your business.

Another consideration this brings up is; what is your community? In this global world a person’s community can have many different definitions. If your business or personal interests reach outside your local environment then so should your involvement.

So again, get involved the rewards will always outreach your expectations.