Be Involved In Your Industry Associations

Just about every industry has both a regional and a national or even international association dedicated to the development and improvement of that industry. I believe it is necessary that we are all involved in our industry associations.

One of the best friends I have ever had, Mark Stuenkel, was recently passed the gavel and accepted the office of president of the international door association. In his inaugural president’s message in the association’s magazine, International Door & Operator, Mark talked about the friends he has made while serving on the board of directors of the association. I had the honor of serving on the International Door Association board with Mark for five years and I know how true Mark’s comments are. I have some life-long friendships that would not exist if I hadn’t volunteered my time on that board. But friendships are not the only benefit of association involvement. You get to give something back to the industry that is providing you with all the gifts you have in your life. You get to be part of the development and improvement of your industry. There is an amazing sense of satisfaction in watching your entire industry evolve and develop for the benefit of everyone involved in the industry today and in the future.

There is definitely a cost to your company of association involvement and the corresponding benefits don’t necessarily show up in a calculation of this year’s EBITA. Being involved takes time and sometimes travel that takes you away from your business. However I can assure you that the experience gained and the industry relationships formed while serving your industry will pay dividends for years.

Being involved doesn’t just mean being a member. Get involved on the board of directors or on one of the many committees necessary to make any association function. Search out one of the areas of the association that holds a personal interest for you and get involved.

One final note for this week. How are all my regular readers doing with the challenge I issued earlier in the week. I know many of you I have met in my travels this week have been watching me with a particular curiosity when they have asked how I am doing.

Have a great week end.