Brilliance Is Only 10% Of The Solution

I was the Master of Ceremonies last week at a forum entitled “The Experienced Workers Forum: Attract, Retain and Engage Experienced Workers”. The forum was sponsored by two departments of the Alberta Government, Edmonton Economic Development and Manpower. They brought in two key note speakers and six expert panel members from various places throughout Canada. The presentations were very professionally delivered and the information was incredibly educational. I will share the high points of what I learned throughout future blog discussions. Today I want to share one of the points that impacted me the most.

One of the speakers stated that discovering a brilliant solution to any problem was only 10% of the actual solution. The other 90% of the challenge is in implementing the idea to achieve the desired result. This was a “WOW” moment for me! It really put the value of leadership into perspective. It said to me that in any situation being brilliant isn’t enough, it isn’t nearly enough. True value is only delivered when brilliance can be transformed into results.

In most organizations results are seldom achieved by any one individual. Therefore once a solution has been discovered, an action plan needs to be developed that will deliver the desired result. The plan will then need to be clearly communicated to all those who will be involved in the implementation and then the activities agreed upon will need to be supervised. All of these steps require leadership to be successful.

So remember the next time you come up with a brilliant solution to some monumental challenge in your life that your work is only 10% done. To achieve anything really meaningful you need to get into action.