Choose Your Attitude

I believe that attitude is a matter of choice! It is one of those things that we have been given full control over. Like many other things over which we have control, if we choose not to exercise that control, we may not be very happy with the result.

So does this mean I believe people actually choose to have a bad or negative attitude? Absolutely! A great example of people either choosing a bad attitude or at least not choosing to have a good one is how they greet people. This seems like such a simple thing, and so easy, I wonder why it doesn’t get more attention. Your sub-conscious mind accepts everything you feed it. There is no filter on the sub-conscious mind; it accepts everything you say as being real. Yet when people are asked; how are you today? I constantly hear answers like; Not to bad. Oh, I’m ok. I could be worse. Oh alright. Are these responses really the way these people choose to feel? You see, this is where the proverbial rubber hits the road. Moments like these are precisely when we are choosing our attitudes! When your sub-conscious mind hears that you believe you are ok, or not too bad, it begins to work on delivering the things into your life that will confirm that reality.

I regularly visit a particular business in Edmonton where I am greeted by Gail. Every time Gail asks how I am, she gets one of my regular responses. I say either fantastic or I am great! Yesterday when I give one of these replies Gail told me I was the only person who ever says anything like that. She then listed the standard replies I identified above. I can’t believe it! Why don’t people get it? Why not tell yourself how great things are, how fantastic you feel? When you put these thoughts into your sub-conscious your mind it immediately sets about putting things into your life to confirm this reality. You see the negative, positive thing works both ways.

Of course how you greet people isn’t the only way we choose our attitudes but it is a big one. So let’s try this. For the next week I challenge each of my readers to choose to respond in an overwhelmingly positive way whenever anyone asks how you are. You can use one of my two favorites; fantastic or great, or pick another of your choosing. Daryl, a very good friend of mine, always says; capital T Tremendous! Just choose to let your mind hear that your current state is something very positive. If you will do this consistently for a week, at home, at work, at the grocery store, everywhere, I think you will be amazed at the result.

I hope you never choose to go back to being just ok.