Continuous Improvement

Continuous improvement sounds like some business flavor of the month process from the 1980′s. The kind of topic that causes most business people’s eyes to glaze over and their heads to begin to nod as they drift off. Well first I believe that continuous improvement is a necessary process for the development of any successful business and secondly I believe it is a process that we must apply to our lives.

I’ve heard it said that you will be exactly the same tomorrow as you are today except for the things you read, the people you meet and the video you watch. So as we develop as human beings, why not grow along a chosen path rather than taking whatever comes to us. We can accomplish this by doing a very simple thing. Make smart choices! What are you choosing to read? Who are the people you are associating with and when you have time to watch television or video, what are you watching?

One of my best friends favorite business saying is “you are either green and growing or ripe and rotting”. This is really just another and possibly more straight forward, way of saying the same thing I have been talking about in this discussion. So, choose to grow because the alternative smells really bad.