Defining Moments

There are many ways that I compare business to family life. Managing people is very much like raising children and being in business has many similarities to being married.

In the life of every business as in every marriage there are times when things don’t go the way you would like. Indeed there are points when it is hard work and the world just seems to be stacked against you. Every successful business I have ever seen has had these times. All logic just seems to scream “why are you doing this?” Everything says it would be a lot easier and would make more sense to just give up, quit! Team members may be letting you down, systems are failing, and the bank may be pounding at the door. It is at times like this that many people do indeed give up. That is the reason for the statistic on failed businesses and relationships. But for some reason you just keep going. You stare rationale in the face and say “no, I won’t give up” and you keep fighting. You just keep working and working until you break through.

These are defining moments for any business as they are in any relationship. They build strength and character. They help determine who you are and who your business is. When you have survived these times you are stronger than before you experienced them. Team members who share these experiences with you are more committed and have a bond that didn’t exist before.

Success isn’t easy but it is worth the struggle.