Doing The Right Thing

I had two meetings yesterday that reminded me of a “randyism” that I haven’t thought of for awhile. It’s not always easy doing what’s right but it is always right! The two business people I met with are both good friends and the meetings were social but as often happens the conversation turned to business and each of these people ended up sharing their basic philosophies with me.

Dan’s core business is very successful and he is involved in a number of others that are also doing very well. He shared that he has always lived by a simple belief: He looks for the win-win in every situation. Everyone must leave with a smile. If you think this sounds over simplistic then you should meet Dan. You can see this belief personified in everything he does. The result is that he has a great family life, he is surrounded by friends that truly care about him and yes, he has achieved great financial success also but he is quick to point out that money has never been his motivation.

Gerri and I had supper last night with Murray. We have known Murray since high school. He is a professional who is probably the most respected expert in his field in Edmonton and certainly one of the top practitioners in Canada. We were having a little tug-of-war over who was going to pay the bill when Murray decides for some reason to share these thoughts with me. He said that he has been involved in partnerships for his entire professional career. It has evolved from him being the young junior partner to now when somehow he woke up one day and he is the “old guy” in a multi-person partnership. He said he has started every partnership stating his two simple rules: They will never fight over money and they will always do what is right.

Yesterday was such a great day. I am so blessed to have people like Dan and Murray in my life and it is so good to see that doing what is right is a very successful way to run a business.