Don’t Let Your Business Happen By Accident

One of my favorite topics is having your business happen on purpose. Far too many businesses just evolve; their development almost seems to be an accident.

If it seems like your business is out of control then perhaps it is. In this sense, having a business is like having a pet. The more time you spend training and nurturing it the better behaved it becomes. Businesses left to develop on their own are often unruly and out of control. But just like a poorly mannered pet, it is the owner who is responsible.

You need to put time into planning your business. Where do you want it to go? What do you want your business to look like? You are responsible for making conscious decisions about your business. If you don’t accept this responsibility and make your business happen “on purpose” then you may not like the way it develops by accident.

I’ll talk more about making detailed decisions tomorrow.