Exciting Communication Possibilities

I installed Skype on my computer yesterday. Skype is the world’s most widely used audio and video communication program. It allows you to turn your computer into a video phone through which you can contact any other Skype user at no charge. You can also make calls directly to any telephone, anywhere, for very reasonable rates. The rate to the most common international destinations is 2.4 cents per minute.

I was on a conference call yesterday with a client in Australia. This was a three way call that lasted over two hours. There was no cost to any of us. We had perfectly clear audio with video and because we were on our computers, we were able to share and develop documents as a group. While we were having this meeting there were over four million other Skype calls on line. This is not an advertisement for Skype.

My point is that technology is changing the way the world does business. Communicating with anyone in the world is becoming easier and cheaper. In my consulting practice, eighteen years ago, we used international excellence as a benchmark. Many of our clients didn’t understand the relevance of an international standard to their business and I still meet business people who only measure themselves against their local competition. The truth is that today the world is at your doorstep. The business I am conducting in Australia is being made possible totally through digital communication.

Even businesses with purely a domestic focus that are not feeling any pressure from international competitors can benefit from this digital world. No one should have high long distance telephone bills when this technology is readily available.

This is an incredibly exciting time to be in business and I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!