How Are You Doing With The Challenge

Well, it’s been a week, how are you doing with my challenge? Have you accepted the responsibility of being able to choose your own attitude? Have you gone through this week choosing to be positive and evidencing that choice by giving a positive greeting to everyone you meet? If you have, congratulations and hopefully you have recognized enough of a positive difference in your life, that you will now choose to carry on with this behavior for your own reasons. If you haven’t been able to maintain this positive behavior for even a week, you really need to ask yourself why not.

I can tell you maintaining a positive outlook has been particularly challenging for me ever since I wrote on this topic last week. The world has an amazing way of reminding us of our beliefs sometimes.

I would be pleased to assist anyone who is working on developing a positive attitude in their lives and find they need some help. Just email or call me through my web site.

I know this has been a rather short message but I will sign off with: Charge out there and have a great day!