How Is The Internet Changing Your Business World

I had an amazing experience yesterday. I conducted my first live internet strategic planning session with a company in Australia. The company is an exciting, leading edge graphic design company specializing in web design, tracking and analysis, visual image management and interactive on line services.

Doing a strategic planning session live from the other side the globe was no big deal to them. They live in the digital world. But it was earth shaking for me. I have often been involved in conversations about how the internet was changing the face of business and I thought I had some idea what I was talking about. What I didn’t know was that my vision was extremely narrow because I had no idea of what is possible. I was in a seminar in Florida a month ago and one of the session leaders stated that the two top blogs are read by more people every day then the total circulation of the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, and L.A. Times combined! I thought I was doing pretty well for a guy my age with sending and receiving a couple dozen emails a day, banking on line and occasionally even buying a product on the net. Today my head is spinning with ideas of how companies can market, sell and deliver services on line.

Wow what an amazing world we live in. So, what I really want to know is how has the internet changed the way your company does business?