How’s your company’s Heart?

Businesses do have hearts and they are being watched by everyone they interact with at all times. It may be easier to see the heart of a business than that of an individual. That is because pretty much everything a business does is out there to be seen by the world.

How you treat your customers is the first sign but not by any means the only one. What about how you treat your staff. How they are treated will be far more important to them than the rate on their pay check. They will reflect how they are treated in every action they take. That’s what makes it so transparent. You can’t hide happy people. Their enthusiasm shines through in every interaction and is therefore passed on to each customer, supplier and co-worker they touch. The same is true of your company’s supplier and customer relations. When people are treated fairly and with integrity, they tend to respond in a like manner.

Another obvious sign of the condition of a company’s heart is their community involvement. Do they give back to the community? Being actively involved in charity work is a necessary function of any good corporate citizen.

So, give your company a heart check-up. Take a good look around. Is the staff happy at work? Are they smiling and having fun? How are your suppliers being treated? Is your business one they look forward to visiting? And what about your customers, do they enjoy doing business with you? What is your image in the community? Is your company one that is recognized for the charitable things it does as well as the business it does? Get back to me and let me know, how’s your heart?