Investing In Friends

Like anything else that really matters in life, being a good friend takes effort. I know this is a bit different than most of my business discussions but if you read the comments on yesterday’s blog you will understand why I am writing on this subject.

Maintaining quality relationships requires being proactive. Good friendships don’t just happen. As Gail mentioned in her comment, our world is moving at an incredible pace and it is very easy to get completely caught up in all the things that are flying at us. To maintain good friendships we need to step back from the reactionary mode of our daily living and purposely invest time in just being a friend. Relationships won’t happen by accident. You have to work at them.

I had a fantastic time with three great friends yesterday. All four of us are from different cities and aside from Dan, we all had to travel to get to Calgary. We had to invest the time for the magic of yesterday to happen.

This morning I received an email from another great friend. Mark lives in California and we don’t get to see each other nearly as often as we would like. We find ways to get together at least two or three times a year but that still isn’t enough for either of us. Mark’s email this morning was just to tell me how important I am to him. I was already having a great day and the few minutes he invested to send that email made it infinitely better.

I know this won’t surprise those of you who know me but for me there is a business benefit to all this friendship stuff. I believe that having a full rounded life makes us far more productive business people. Family and friends are two of the cornerstones of a healthy rounded lifestyle. Having friends who you know care about you makes you a better business person. So take a moment and evaluate the balance in your life. If you find that you are out of balance in any area, do what you need to do to fix the situation. Investing time in people pays amazing dividends!

I know I still haven’t posted the commentary I referred to in yesterday’s discussion so you will just have to log in again tomorrow.