Is There One Characteristic That Is Unique To Leaders

On one of my earlier discussions on leadership a comment was posted asking if there is a characteristic that is exclusive to leaders. Is there something leaders possess that is not found in other people? I don’t think so. At least there is nothing I have ever identified.

Although there are some qualities that are common to all leaders I don’t think leadership can be distilled into one identifiable set of character traits. It’s just not that simple. As individuals all leaders have their differences and often these differences are as important to the persons make up as the characteristics they share with other leaders.

I know this is slightly off today’s topic but I just had a very interesting discussion about a leader’s ability to risk. The observation being shared with me was that leaders have to be able to “put themselves out there”; they have to be willing to boldly go… The person expressing this said this boldness is the one characteristic she has always admired in leaders and the fear of this is the one thing that has always inhibited her from accepting leadership positions.

Remember that these discussions are just my thoughts based on my experiences. I really appreciate the comments that have been posted recently. Thanks to everyone for being interested enough to share your thoughts for my benefit as well as benefiting my other readers