Leaders vs. Bosses

There are two distinct management styles; leaders and bosses. One of these styles is not necessarily better or more productive than the other, they are just different. Although I do have a personal bias, which I am sure you can guess, I will explain the differences as objectively as I can.

Leaders tend to get things done with other people while bosses get things done by other people. Leaders use empowerment while bosses use power over.

Of course no effective manager is a polar extreme in either of these styles. The ideal is to have a healthy mix and to know what will be most effective in each situation. I believe about an 80/20 blend of leader/boss is the most effective.

I stated above that leaders employ empowerment to achieve results through others. Tomorrow I will outline the basics of my simple methodology for empowering your team.

I think today’s topic could be the basis for some very interesting discussion so I would invite all of you to post your thoughts on the leader/boss subject and let’s see what kind of dialogue we can generate.