Leadership Week

We’ve had some great discussions on leadership this week. I’ve really enjoyed writing these commentaries and I very much appreciate the comments. I hope you have found the dialogue both interesting and beneficial. This week saw the first comment that was responded to by another reader. That was an exciting moment for me because it moved this site one step closer to what I hope it will become. By no means am I the only one with good ideas and knowing some of the people who are reading my blog, I know you have a lot to contribute, so step up and let’s all make this a more valuable site for everyone. I need to thank two people in particular for their contributions this week. Vern, thanks for stating and asking what was on your mind and thanks to Chris for sharing his insight.

So, what have we learned about leadership? I think we have arrived at a point of agreement that the qualities of leaders are varied and some what indistinguishable. The one thing I am sure of is that you know a leader when you see one. They stick out like a rose in a field of dandelions. I’m also quite sure that most leaders know that they are leaders. If you are one of those don’t be scared to step up and lead. People crave leadership and the world will never have too many leaders.