Make Someone’s Day

I was already having an amazing day yesterday when the most wonderful thing happened to me. I was given a compliment. I don’t think it was even intended that way but that’s what it was, a great compliment. The effect was terrific; I sailed through the whole day with this big smile on my face.

This experience reminded me of the FISH videos. If you haven’t seen the FISH videos, go get them and make sure you show them to your entire team. They are a fantastic story about attitude in the workplace. Anyway, one of the FISH messages is about “making someone’s day”. It really is such a simple thing. Make sure you improve the experience, day, life, of at least one person every day. I thought this was a great concept when I first saw the video years ago and then Gerri (my wife for those who don’t know) took it a step further. Why not improve the day of everyone you meet. It really isn’t hard and the paybacks are enormous. Just smile at people and say nice things. Now I realize this sounds a little “airy” and of course no one can do it all the time, but what have we got to lose. It’s one of those aim for the stars things.

So how about this for a start; go out there and make someone’s day, today!