Making The Tough Decisions

I’ve seen so many business people try to avoid making tough decisions. Individuals often believe if they just ignore the problem it will go away. Well they don’t! Avoiding making decisions can make the situation infinitely worse.

A significant area of struggle for many businesses is human resources. Disciplinary decisions can be tough and termination decisions can be even harder. However this is also the area where procrastinating causes the most problems. When a staff member requires disciplinary action the longer you wait the less effective the corrective measures. This is the classic case of strike while the iron is hot. Delay in taking disciplinary actions just makes the actions even harder later on.

Termination decisions are also a challenge for many managers. Terminating of a poorly performing team member doesn’t get any easier by avoiding the action. In my experience, the sooner this decision is made and acted upon the better. Of course proper communication and corrective discipline must be employed before a termination situation exists but when it gets to this point swift action is always the best policy. It is often obvious to everyone in an organization when a team member isn’t contributing and they are always watching management to see what is going to be done. Allowing this situation to continue makes a statement about what you think of your team culture. A lack of action is in effect condoning the activities of the poorly performing individual.

Tomorrow I’ll discuss a proper termination interview.