Multiple Lessons

I have been struggling with what to write regarding a meeting I had yesterday because there are so many possible topics that could come from this one meeting. I have finally resolved this by deciding to write about all of them.

About two weeks ago I had a meeting with Colin Eicher. Colin is a friend and business associate. I call him a business associate because we met through the Edmonton Executives Association (EEA). We have both been members of EEA for years and it is by far the best business group I have ever been involved in. Colin has recently turned the reins of his company over to very capable management and has stepped back into a kind of semi-retirement mode. We were just getting together to discuss what was going on in each of our lives and what was keeping each of us busy.

Colin has a beautiful office in downtown Edmonton and he shares office space with Dr. Larry Ohlhauser. During our conversation Colin kept saying that I had to get together with Larry. I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Ohlhauser speak when he was a guest speaker at EEA a couple months ago. He has a fantastic message and is a tremendous speaker. I thought at the time that this would be a really interesting man to get know and I hoped to someday get that opportunity. The reason Colin wanted us to meet is my interest in writing a book. Dr. Ohlhauser has recently written The Healthy CEO and travels the world as a professional speaker so we should have something in common. The book will definitely be added to my recommended reading list. It can be purchased directly on line through the link above.

Dr. Ohlhauser (Larry) and I met for lunch yesterday. What an amazing man. We shared stories for over an hour and he gave me some very helpful tips. I’m sure we will interact often and look forward to getting to know him better.

So what are the lessons to be passed on from this experience?
• The value of networking.
• Always being open to suggestions from others.
• When you want something the universe will find a way to get it to you.
• When you help people you will always get back more than you give and you never know where it will come from.