My Challenge For Today

I haven’t given my regular readers a direct challenge for awhile so I thought it was about time. I have been watching the British Open this morning and it had me thinking about how golfers need to perform at their best all the time if they want to do well. Many sports give their players the opportunity to coast through part of a season and then if they still perform well during the play-offs they can look like a hero. I think business is more like golf. Sure there are many people who just seem to coast by with the odd flash of brilliance but the true stars are constantly performing at their best.

How do you measure your daily performance? Or do you even think about it? How many of your days are you coasting? Use this challenge to elevate your performance today. Be the best leader you can be right now. Then let’s carry this forward into next week and be consciously the best we can be. Do the right things, make the tough decisions, and be as productive as possible.

I really hope this personal challenge from Randy helps make this an outstanding day!