My First Webinar Experience

Thanks to Ben I just attended my first Webinar. Ben is the Creative Director with Mangold Sengers Design out of Australia. Ben designed my web site and blog and is my technical guru. Ben asked me about three weeks ago if I would be interested in attending this event being put on by a company called Webex. It was a webinar on creating effective elearning.

As has often happened over the past few months, my mind is now spinning with possibilities for applying what I learned today. As I mentioned on a blog a while ago, I have had the opportunity to conduct my first strategic planning session over the net and I am now in the middle of delivering ongoing business planning consulting services on line. This is a tremendously exciting experience for me and it provides all kinds of opportunities. Imagine how many more companies I can help and therefore how many people’s lives I can effect if geography is no longer a limitation.

I am being bombarded with this new level of knowledge. Chris LaBossiere is a good friend who is one of the owners of two companies called Prolearning and Protesting. I had the opportunity to spend a morning with Chris, at his business, a couple weeks ago. This was a very enlightening morning, focused on the same area as what I learned on this morning’s webinar, on line learning and testing. The opportunity to bring specific knowledge to anyone anywhere, over the internet. Chris’s company does so much in such an amazing way. I encourage all of my readers to learn more by visiting their web site at

All of this exciting information that has been flying at me regarding using the internet to enhance the reach and effectiveness of training has opened my mind to all kinds of ways I/we can be utilizing the net. The scary thing is that a huge number of people, most of the twenty-somethings, already knew all this. They are already there, they use the web in ways I never dreamed of, every day. I’ve turned this “scary thing” into an incredibly exciting personal challenge. How can I immerse myself in this exciting techno-world?

So here is my challenge to all of you. I know I have regular readers out there who believe this “new world” has nothing to do with them. You don’t need to know all this stuff. You are just fine focusing on doing the same old business the same way you have always done it. After all, you are in a conventional business not a technology based business and you have done pretty well so far. Right? Wrong!! Applying technology is going to affect every business in the world. So, let’s be ready, or better yet why not be the leader who benefits from being the first to discover new and better ways of conducting your business?

Here is a simple example. Every company has training challenges. How do you deliver all of the training required by all of your people in a consistent manner? Let’s just take safety training for example. At a minimum level, how do you make sure all of your company is in compliance with what ever government requirements apply to your industry? Well, that is just one of the things that Protraining does. Imagine having all your training concerns taken away. Imagine being confident that what ever training you determine is needed within your organization is being delivered.

Training, testing and education are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to opening your mind to the exciting opportunities for developing your business by applying the technology of the internet. So, dive in! It’s a very exciting wave.

Ok, I’ll have my feet back on the ground and re-focus on sales and marketing tomorrow.