Networking Is A Two Way Street

As I mentioned last week I have been traveling. During my travels I have been extremely busy networking. I have been helped by so many people in so many ways it is unbelievable.

The past few days have been an absolute whirlwind. Gerri and I have driven over 2500 kilometers; I have had seven meetings and attended a business open house. I have been bombarded with networking opportunities. It has been reinforced many times that one of the things I do best is networking; meeting people and putting people together. Never has this been more obvious than the past five days.

It has become glaringly apparent to me that networking really is a two way street. You can benefit from it greatly but only if you are prepared to give as much as you get. I guess this is true of all aspects of life but in networking it is critical. It’s amazing how well it works. There seems to be a universal balance. The more you contribute to the success of others, the more others contribute to you. The amazing thing is that the two groups aren’t even necessarily connected. The people who help you may not even be aware of the help you are giving to others. But yet, somehow, there is a direct relationship; give and you will receive.

So if you could use help in your business or any other aspect of your life, (and who couldn’t?) then go out and find someone to help. You will be amazed at how quickly and how well this works. Oh and keep giving because when you stop the benefits stop too.