Networking Is Alive And Well

Everywhere I go these days I am meeting smart young business people with great minds. They are like sponges eagerly soaking up what ever information is available. I am not meeting these people at chamber of commerce functions, charitable events or any other conventional business networking event. I am meeting them socially through regular daily events.

It’s amazing how when passionate people get together the conversation always evolves to those things they are passionate about. As an example, Gerri and I spent the weekend at a friend’s farm. Our friend’s son and his family were also there for the weekend. David, the son, is a computer engineer who manages the IT department for a successful insurance brokerage company. David is bright, engaging and loves his job. He is currently facing a couple of unique challenges at work and we had some great dialogue about his options and who I know who might be able to help him. I have set up a lunch this week between David and another great young mind I have been working with and I can hardly wait to have the opportunity to sit back and observe these two interact.

If you are open to the opportunity to meet and help people, the world provides the most amazing opportunities. They are everywhere and come from the most unexpected places. I am constantly reminded that networking is an attitude not a task.