Networking Pays Dividends

I had lunch today with my great friend Jackson Ohe. Jackson is a successful business person I really respect. He is smart, experienced and always willing to share ideas. I learn something every time we talk. We ended up talking about networking and each of our recent experiences with it.

We both agreed that networking is an invaluable skill for anyone in business. It is something that you take part in at all times. It just becomes part of you. To be a really good networker (if that is even a word) you have to understand that it is about giving unselfishly at every possible opportunity. You have to give freely of your experience and knowledge. When you do this an amazing thing happens. Your network gives back far more than you ever contribute. The even more amazing part is that what you receive almost never comes from the same people you give too. The connections, knowledge and help you need just shows up when you need it.

I know many of you are going to be thinking that this is true of much more than just networking and that this subject like many of those I cover comes back to “The Secret”. I didn’t realize it until I was writing this but you are right! Networking is just another example of how everything in the universe works but I find it easier to understand a little bit at a time.