Pursue Your Passion

Yesterday, Christi, one of my daughters, asked me to write a blog about pursuing your passions. She said I should tell people to find out what they are passionate about and just go for it. You see that is the message my kids have had all their lives.

There isn’t much more to say about this really. I just whole heartedly believe that happiness comes from doing what you truly love to do. You aren’t limited to just one passion. I don’t know if there is a limit to how many things a person can be passionate about. In my experience the number has never been an issue because I have never met anyone with more passions than they had energy, or will, or desire to pursue them.

Take what ever time it takes. Don’t be in a hurry but always be aware that it is a search. One of our true purposes in life is to discover those things that fire a passion within us. Some people tell me they don’t know what they are passionate about. This simply means they haven’t found it yet. You will know when you do. But when that happens, when you discover something that just lights you up, don’t compromise. Go get it. Live whatever life that is.

So Christi, this one is for you. I have shared with everyone the secret you wanted them to know.