Remember What Made You Successful

As companies grow, change is always going to occur. Growth itself is impossible without change. But as changes are taking place, you can never afford to lose sight of what made you successful in the first place.

Losing track of a company’s core values often occurs when major changes are thrust upon the company from the outside. A common example of this is the sale of the company. I am always amazed when prospective owners conduct comprehensive due diligence studies on a company and make a decision to buy the company because they see so many things they like about the organization, and then after they take control they set about to make changes that will alter the very things that attracted them in the first place. They really respect the experience of the management team and then revolutionize the style of management. They like the culture within the organization and then change the way employees are treated. It is not uncommon to see new ownership systematically destroy the value they paid for.

New ownership is not the only thing that can cause major changes that negatively impact upon a business. The simple dynamics of growth must be managed very carefully to ensure that core values don’t get lost in the procedural changes.

The secret here is to identify the core values within an organization and then make sure those values are kept in focus at all times. All decisions must be weighed against those values so that change can be accomplished without destroying the greatness within the organization.