Sales And Marketing Week

This week I am going to focus on topics related to sales and marketing. I’ll cover topics from defining the difference between sales and marketing to specific tactics necessary to be successful at both.

It has always amused me that the standard way to address this topic is “Sales and Marketing” as opposed to “Marketing and Sales”. In my mind the marketing always comes first. I guess that comes from my background in strategic planning. I just naturally view the world from a strategic perspective and so I believe that one of the crucial tools in any sales kit is having effective marketing in place first.

I have always believed there are two ways to sell anything; you can go out and find a product and then try to convince people of why they should have it, or you can find out what people want and then tell them you have it. The second method has always made a lot more sense to me. The challenge is that this second method requires more planning and research before you hit the market and that requires patience. Once you have determined precisely what the offering is going to be, this is where the marketing comes in.

Effective marketing is all about communicating your message. I’ll cover the details of marketing in tomorrow’s discussion.