Some Recommended Reading

I have been asked to talk about some of my favorite business books, the ones I recommend reading. I will be adding a recommended reading section to my web site but for now I will touch on some of my favorites. Today’s discussion won’t cover the entire list, just some of the compulsory readings.

The first business book I ever read was Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich”. Think and Grow Rich was published in 1937 and is a relevant today as when it was written. This book is one of only two that I consider required reading for everybody. It is still carried in all major book stores, is priced under $10.00 and can easily be read in a day.

While I’m focused on what some might call old school I have to mention Tom Peters. Tom is one of the best business minds I have ever encountered. The book through which Tom achieved international recognition was “In Search of Excellence”. This was followed by “A Passion for Excellence”. There has been some controversy regarding the case studies in these two books but they are great reading. I learned a lot from both books and have applied that knowledge many times over the years.

A more current author I really enjoy is Jack Welsh. I have given away many copies of “Jack: Straight From The Gut”. It’s a simple read and conveys some great lessons on the realities of business. I also really liked “Winning” by Jack and Suzy Welch.

I will cover many more books in my recommended reading section but these are a good start and if you read these few they will help develop a style of thinking about business that is a great foundation for life in general and business in particular.

I mentioned that I have given away many books. This is a habit I adopted a long time ago. When I read something I really like and think it would be beneficial for someone else I buy one and give it to them. I have purchased each of the books covered in today’s discussion in bulk and kept them around just so I would have them whenever I come across someone I want to give them to. I think giving away a book you have read and found personally helpful is one of the greatest gifts possible.