The Best Sales Tools Are Knowledge And Experise

Twice in the past day I have had the opportunity to observe people using thorough knowledge of their business as a successful sales tool.

Last night I attended an installation training workshop for a local company called Polycore. Polycore is a manufacturer of construction materials. The workshop was presented by the company Vice President, Mark Cunningham and was attended by professional home builders, do it yourself builders as well as some individual members of the construction trades. Mark’s presentation was anything but a sales presentation. It was pure technical and installation information. However the result of the presentation was room full of people who were sold on the product and the company. This was achieved purely by Mark demonstrating his in depth knowledge of the subjects being presented and thereby making everyone extremely comfortable.

Sometimes we forget that it is not sales campaigns, slogans or complex marketing initiatives that make companies successful. Sure these things are all important and need to be employed however the core of any good company’s success is the knowledge and expertise they have of their product or service.