The fear of business planning

One of my favorite presentations is the one I do called “Taking The Fear Out Of Business Planning”. Why would I even think there is a fear of business planning? Well, I often ask people if they think a business should have a business plan and they almost always say yes. So then why is it that so few businesses have a plan? I believe it is because people are afraid of the process of creating the plan in the first place.

There has been so much said and written about business planning that it has become this big, important, mystical thing. There in lies the problem. You see, I believe that a business plan doesn’t have to be a big, fancy, complicated document. What it does need to be is a simple plan that describes in detail how you plan to accomplish your strategic objectives. A simple step by step outline of what you actually plan to do in your business during the period covered by the plan. When you have a plan you can refer back to it regularly to confirm that you are indeed doing the things you set out to do and that these activities are achieving the results you expected.

I will discuss the details of planning and the differences between a strategic plan and a business plan in future discussions. Actually, as these are some of my favorite subjects, we will probably discuss them often. For now, just remember this; if you don’t have a business plan, it would be very beneficial for you and your business if you develop one and if you have one that isn’t referred to regularly then you need a new one. And the most important point……This doesn’t need to be a scary process!