The Responsibilities of Leadership

Leadership carries with it a certain level of responsibility. Once you choose to accept that you are a leader you must then in turn accept the responsibilities that go along with that privilege.

One of the least understood of these responsibilities is that leaders must forfeit the right to have opinions. You see when the average person has an opinion he can share it, it can be discussed, debated, challenged and in most cases this is a very healthy thing. The challenge is that when a person in a position of leadership expresses an opinion, often it is acted upon as if it were fact. People tend to respond to just about whatever a leader says. So, you must be very careful in a leadership position to give careful consideration to the ramifications of any opinion before you share it with others.

This brings up the value of leaders having outside confidants or mentors with whom they can share thoughts outside their sphere of influence. But that’s a topic for another day.