There Must Be A Book On The Way

I had the pleasure of speaking at the employee Retention Forum yesterday. It was sponsored by Alberta Employment Immigration and Industry, Edmonton Economic Development and N.A.I.T. As with all forums put on by this group it was another great event. The other speakers were all very good and the attendees all received tremendous value through the information presented.

The key note speaker was Dr. Denis Cauvier. Denis is a renowned speaker in all areas of human recourses and his presentation was very good. Denis and I had the opportunity to sit and discuss the professional speaking business. He has been speaking for over twenty years and he freely shared some great information. He was very complimentary of my presentation skills and said he believes I could have an extremely successful speaking career. He said that the next critical step is for me to write a book. This is the same thing Dr. Larry Ohlhauser told me three months ago. So, as someone who believes that the universe puts people in our lives for a reason and that once a message has been delivered, if we don’t listen then the universe just turns up the volume, I better start on my first book.

Yes you read that right, I did just commit to writing a book so sometime within the next six to twelve months it should be available. Now the work starts.

The other development that came out of yesterday’s presentation was that I am told I am now on Edmonton Economic Development’s “preferred speakers” list, so this should mean some more local speaking engagements.