Time Is Precious. Spend It Wisely.

My wife, Gerri, and I were out riding our motorcycles Friday morning when I witnessed her crashing into a curb and ejecting from her bike at approximately 90 km./hr. Miraculously the only damage Gerri sustained, other than some significant bruising was a severely broken ankle. The past three days were spent in the hospital. Gerri had surgery Sunday and they put five pins and a plate in her ankle. I brought her home yesterday afternoon.

Although this will be of great interest to my many friends who are regular readers of this blog, some of you will be saying: “But this is a business blog. Although that is note worthy, what does it have to do with business?” I believe we are one person and can never achieve success if we don’t acknowledge this and seek success in all aspects of our life. To be truly successful, our lives must be in balance. However that is not the reason I chose to include the discussion of the incident in my blog. The real reason is where my thoughts were lead during the hours spent sitting in the hospital.

I was reminded how precious time is. Life is an incredibly fragile thing and we have a responsibility to live it to the fullest. We all know far too many people who just exist. They are going through the motions of life day by day and just “putting in time”. One of my core beliefs is that we have to be passionate about what we do. Well this is true in all aspects of our lives. We must live life with passion. If you don’t love the business you are in, the family situations you are in and all other aspects of your life, then change them. Life is way too precious to be spent in unhappy situations.

During my presentation on Passion I am often asked how you inject passion into a job. You can’t! Passion can’t be injected it must be discovered. So, find the things you are passionate about and fill your life with them. You will never get the chance to live this day again so make it a great one. Regardless of the situations that exist in your life today, you will have choices that can make it better so make those positive choices.

We all slip from time to time and need a little wake up call. So I am lending all of you the wake up call I had this weekend. Wake up! Charge out there and live life!