Your Future Is In Your Hands

I am off to California today to speak at a trade show tomorrow. My topic is “The future of their business is in their hands”. I am going to discuss competition in their industry, margins, the internal and external forces affecting their businesses, staffing and other issues that are top of mind for everyone in their industry.

In reviewing my notes last night it hit me that I could be giving this talk to any industry. The topic really applies to everyone. If you focus on the things you can control you will control your own destiny. So what are the things you can control? I recommend focusing on these following items:
Target Markets- What markets are you going to proactively pursue?
Customer Base- Who is your ideal customer and how do you access them?
Advertising- What is the most cost effective method of delivering your message?
Attracting and Training the right people
Pricing- Where should you be priced to fit your target markets?
Quality Standards-Is your company the best it can be?

Each of the areas listed above is controllable. You can make decisions and act on them that will affect each of these areas. Too often I find businesses focused on things they can’t do anything about such as; the economy or their competition.

Ignoring the things you can’t do anything about and focusing on the things you can control will give you control of your own destiny.