An Amazing Weekend Experience

Gerri and I were fortunate enough this past weekend to spend it in a workshop with Rosemary the Celtic Lady. Rosemary is a psychic and healer. Now before all my hard core business friends and readers shake your heads thinking “Oh boy he’s lost it” let me explain. I met Rosemary about two months ago and was immediately drawn to her as being someone really special. Anyone who has followed my business teachings knows that I have always believed that we should manage our businesses intuitively and the better we understand our intuition the healthier our businesses are. Well, Rosemary is going to become a mentor in helping me learn to be even better and more valuable as an Intuitive. I put this experience right up there with our JFDI training.

Gaining skill and understanding of my intuition will make me a better business person and a better coach to my clients. I have always trusted “my gut” and coached many of you to do the same. I just never knew exactly what that meant. Rosemary is enlightening me to a deep understanding of not only what it means to be intuitive but also why I have always just known things that I really had no way of knowing. She has also told me of the responsibilities this “gift” carries with it and what is expected of me but that’s another story perhaps (and this is a big PERHAPS) for another day and another blog.

Anyway, Gerri and I both really enjoyed our weekend and learned a tremendous amount. Our daughter Christi and her fiancé Matt are going to attend Rosemary’s workshop in Calgary this coming weekend and I can hardly wait to hear all their exciting stories about the experiences they will encounter.

Don’t worry, this will still be a business blog! I just needed to use my prerogative as the owner of this site to let everyone know about this amazing weekend.

Thanks Rosemary!