I’m back

It’s about time I posted a new Blog. My life has become incredibly full. This retired life is kind of crazy. The best part of all my business is that I am being exposed to some great businesses.

I have been asked to advise and coach a number of local and American businesses and this is providing me with the opportunity to interact with some great business minds. Being on the inside of such a diverse group of businesses is giving certainly broadening my perspective on business and further developing my belief systems.

The reason I am getting this unique opportunity is that for some strange reason a fairly large group of independent business people seem to value my opinions and perspectives and are therefore seeking my opinions, advice and input on their businesses. There may be some out there who will be surprised by this. You see I received my first negative shot as a comment on my blogs a couple months ago. It seems at least one person finds my comments to be narrow minded and unfair. He or she believes my comments on leadership are way off the mark. I guess that type of criticism goes with the territory when you choose to share your thoughts with the world in cyber space. Anyway, I do welcome all comments. I certainly have never thought I have the market cornered on good ideas and the good news is I am still learning and changing my beliefs every day thanks to the input from the creative minds I am blessed to encounter. So keep the feedback coming and I’ll try to write regularly again.

To my family, friends and associates who have been on my case for not posting in some time remember; you asked for it. I’m back!