The Value Of People

I was reminded today of the value of investing in good people. During my weekly Edmonton Executives Association breakfast meeting a young man I really respect stood up and announced he was leaving his current employer at the end of the month. What surprised me most was that every business in the room didn’t approach him about coming to them. I did. One of my clients is a member of the association and I immediately approached the young man on my clients behalf and told him we had to get together to discuss his plans for the future. That meeting will take place within the next week.
I have written before about my belief in the value of people. I have never had a business person tell me that their business failed because they had too many good people. It just doesn’t happen. When you find a good/great person, grab them! Even if you aren’t sure where they will fit in your organization, grab them anyway. Good people find a place to add value.
Many years ago when I was a young business person trying to learn the ropes in this game called business one of my mentors told me this: “Randy there is never a shortage of good ideas. If you miss one don’t worry because good ideas are like busses, if you miss this one there will be another along in about ten minutes. But good people are like gold. They are rare treasures! Never let one get away. Whenever and where ever you find one, grab on.” The man who told me this seldom gave direct advice and I have followed his words religiously ever since. He was right. A company can never have too many good people!