A Valuable Team Building Weekend

I spent this past weekend at Kananaskis golfing with the Edmonton management team of one of my clients.  There were 16 of us in the group.  The experience brought back many memories of the great times spent on get-aways with the Creative Door management team.
These experiences are invaluable team building times.  The small talk and jokes on and off the golf course bond the participants and build comfort as well as trust levels.  It is also amazing how much business talk takes place in a non business setting.  From a cost justification perspective the business issues resolved by putting this group together for two and a half days would easily pay any expense incurred by the company.  The dividends paid in the future will be immeasurable.
The experience was new for this company but they are already talking about doing it again.  They also have a high level national management team that will no doubt benefit from similar experiences.  This trip was purely recreationally focused.  My experience is that when you add focused business meetings to the agenda the benefits to both the company and the individuals grow exponentially.
I want to congratulate Bee Clean on their first successful business retreat and thank them for honoring me by including me in the group.