Lunch With Brett Wilson

KPMG hosted a meeting in Edmonton last week with Brett Wilson of CBC’s The Dragon’s Den fame.  A group of about twenty business leaders were invited to meet Brett over lunch at the Royal Mayfair Golf Club.  I would like to thank Tony Bencivenga for my invitation.
I am a fan of The Dragon’s Den and have particularly liked Brett since his first appearance on the show.  He appears to be a down to earth businessman who mixes an astute mind with common sense.  I’ve respected the reason’s he has used to fund certain projects on the show as well as his willingness to stand alone amongst the other Dragon’s when his principles dictated he was doing the right thing.
Having met him I was even more impressed.  He really is the epitome of “what you see is what you get”.  Brett is a bright, energetic, charismatic businessman who really believes that being successful in business and being a good steward of the world can not only co-exist but that they may actually be symbiotic.  He talked about Marketing, Entrepreneurialism and Philanthropy as going hand in hand.  It is his personal mission to see these three subjects as core courses in all post-secondary education programs.
A shining example of Brett’s actions matching what he talks about is his investment in The 7 VirtuesBarb Stresemann, the founder of The 7 Virtues, accompanied Brett at the lunch and told the story of the company.  Barb is a fantastic woman.  Her company is truly an amazing story of what can happen when you combine a bright energetic entrepreneur with a passionate cause.
Brett is an engaging speaker, a principled entrepreneur and a great man.  I enjoyed our time together and hope to spend some more time with him in the future.