Testimonial from Michael Mangold

“Randy Moore has tutored and mentored my company, through the development of a new business plan.

Randy has done this far more efficiently and effectively than any other organisation or consultant we have dealt with. He has also done it using phone and video conferencing supported by online project management on our website.

Randy has given the business planning process a dynamic closely aligned with the website design, hosting and visitor tracking analytics, at the centre of our growth plans.

He has brought to our company and the business planning process the benefits of his years of experience and the insights which go with it. He has managed this process very effectively and made it a true learning experience of great immediate and future value.

Randy has the knack of turning his vast business experience into what is in essence training because he doesn’t do it ‘to you’ he does it ‘with you’. He keeps it simple, real and relevant. It is empowering and motivating. He has reconnected us with the basic building blocks which will allow our business to grow.”

Michael Mangold
Business Director
Loves Data

Testimonial from Todd W. Thomas

“Having worked with Randy Moore for nearly a decade, I have experienced his insights from a variety of angles. He is an engaging and effective leader. Randy‚Äôs strategic planning sessions are captivating and he is a gifted public speaker who can keep any sized audience focused on his message.

His most valuable asset is his experience. He is not a philosopher. Randy Moore is a well-traveled businessman, who has managed successful businesses and been asked by many others to serve as a consultant and advisor. His compelling ideas are well developed in his mind, but not from his imagination. Randy Moore is a proven winner in business, who just happens to have a unique gift in being able to relate his experiences in a way that others can emulate.

Randy Moore is a true professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a team-building event, strategic planning session, educational seminar or a motivational keynote presentation.

Not only can Randy do it all, he can do it all well!”

Todd W. Thomas
Managing Director
Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation