Motivational Topics


What does it take to be a good leader? How do you know if you are a leader? Can you learn to be a better leader? You are not on the executive committee, why do you need to be a leader? How can you create an environment that promotes leadership within your organization? Success begins by learning and practicing Randy’s “True Dynamics of Leadership”.


What is the value of focus? How do you maintain focus? What do you mean, you can’t multi-task? In this insightful presentation, Randy will challenge some of your beliefs and show you the true value of focus.


Most organizations focus on Customer Relations but who are your customers? What about supplier relations, co-worker relations, family relations. All people are important and in this energetic presentation, Randy will explore the dynamics of these crucial relationships. How do you initiate them? How do you develop them? What is the payback and what is the cost of not understanding and practicing this basic concept?


Be invigorated by Randy’s “Unleash Your Passion” presentation! Let Randy show you the value of passion and how to be more passionate about everything in your life. You will learn how to use that passion to become more accomplished, successful and ecstatically happy about your life.

The Wow Factor

It is no longer enough to satisfy your customers, or even to exceed their expectations! Everybody agrees that the real benchmark is to “WOW” your customers. That sounds great but what exactly does it mean? How do you create these wow experiences and how do you deliver them consistently?

The Success Buffet

You really can have anything you desire in this world! It’s all there before you. All you have to do is choose. However, you are responsible for making those choices. Don’t let your life happen to you by accident. Let Randy explain how to live your life on purpose! It’s energizing, it’s inspiring and it brings with it unlimited joy.